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I found the team at Best Home Offers easy to deal with and very capable. I had a difficult time trying to sell my house through estate agents and websites, but Best Home Offers gave me a good offer and made the process as easy as possible. Give these guys some thought, even if you need a second opinion.
Easy, straight forward, honest. That is all anyone could ask for when selling a house.
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What is indemnity insurance?

What does indemnity insurance mean?

What does indemnity insurance mean? Do I need to get indemnity insurance policy? Indemnity insurance: If you’re looking to sell your home, you may have come across something called “indemnity insurance.” But what exactly is it?  What is indemnity insurance policy? And how does it help home sellers? Do I have to have it? Indemnity insurance

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Selling Your House at Auction

Selling Your House at Auction

The Steps For Completing The Sale Of A House Through An Auction When it comes to selling your house at an auction, there are several steps that you must go through between the initial decision to sell and completion. Step 1: The Appraisal The first step in the sale of a house at auction is the appraisal.

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can my ex husband make me sell the house?

can my ex husband make me sell the house?

The fate of a shared home is often one of the greatest concerns a person might have when going through a divorce. In particular, a lot of people worry about whether or not their ex-partner can make them sell the family home. For many, losing a house that has become such a core part of their family

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Can I Sell My House To My child For £1?

Can I Sell My House To My child For £1?

Whether you want to sell your home quickly or simply want to give your child a gift, there is a way that you can sell your house to them for as little as £1. With houses becoming more expensive, many are struggling to save up enough money for a deposit and are turning to their parents

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House part exchange?

House Part Exchange?

House part exchange? If you are considering buying a new build property, then you may have come across companiel that claim to do house part exchange? But what does part exchange mean in the context of the housing market? How does house part exchange work?? House part exchange works similar to part-exchange of motor vehicles.

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What Is A Memorandum Of Sale

What Is A Memorandum Of Sale?

What is Memorandum of sale? A Memorandum of sale is a document that is required when selling a property in the United Kingdom. It can be difficult to understand, but this article will tell you everything you need to know. The memorandum is used by both the potential buyer and seller to record the terms

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